I Wish (You Wanted Me)

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By K. Fink 11/18/08


When you smile youíre delicious

Try and try I canít get enuf

When you laugh I get breathless

Some very special stuff

When you sigh Iím inspired

My heart is reaching for you

When you cry Iím hotwired

To find out what I can do


I wish you wanted me the way that I want you(3:yeah, yeah)

I wish that you loved me the way that I LoveÖ You. (2:IÖ Love You)


When we talk Iím delighted

Every word is vital to me

When weíre close Iím excited

Because itís you that I see

When we walk all Iím thinking

How I love to be by your side

When we touch itís like drinking

Inebriated, my soul amplified


And every night I dream

Itís always you I see

I canít wait to be there

A recurring theme

Always you and me

And the life that weíre sharing(2:that you share with me)


When I work Iím distracted

Iíve still got you on my mind

When I talk itís infected

Itís where my thoughts are inclined

When I write Iím rewarded

All the emotions I feel

When I buildÖ my life

I wish you part of the deal