Waiting For Tomorrow

                                By Keni Fink  5/7/09


This isn’t the future I saw with my younger eyes

I had a plan to make a journey to the stars

It soon was apparent I could kiss that dream goodbye

Tho I managed once to buy a piece of Mars


I was waiting for tomorrow

Waiting for the day [I know that it’s coming]

Waiting for the time [Always getting closer]

Waiting for the chance [Ready to Fly]

Waiting ‘till tomorrow is today


Though everything changes… not the way I might predict

All my plans get pushed and shoved along the road

So many people and the changes they inflict

A coincidence in plans is luck bestowed


Yesterday when I thought I saw what was coming

Made a plan… something I could revise

Got to be

Good today making a better tomorrow plan

Today implies…


The masses divided now as much as long ago

Tho the names have changed the fight is still at hand

It’s sad that our evolution has to be so slow

So many gone just like some footprints in the sand