We Gotta Live Together

                                    By Keni Fink  6/25/09


Oooh – Oooh – Oooh – Oooh - Ooooooh

Now I gotta say

In this old world of struggle

Trouble is the time of day   …everyday

All the world it seems, is soon to ashes

Broiled by religious hate

Unless we can find a way… to tame the clashes

Unlike beliefs create


Somewhere in time

People must all come to understand

One kind of human on this world

We gotta live together


Like it or not…

It’s all we got

Regardless of my poise

Some scenes get much too hot

A bottom line unlike my… core definitions

No compromises made

Resolute yet blind… by our perceptions

A self-imposed charade


We have to all agree

We can all disagree

Yet we will find a way

That we can all be free

Time that we made a plan

One that would satisfy us all


Motivated by… primeval fundamentals

They’re embedded for so long

Alien in mind…  by definition

Is there a right or wrong? …anyway