Wrong Way

                                  by Keni Fink   5/27/2008


We were closer than words could tell

I remember the feeling well

(But) underneath I could feel the sway

Obvious I was headed the wrong way

Even then it was on my mind

Something hidden I couldn’t find

Shape as stable as soft, wet clay

Melting quickly  …and into the wrong way


Wrong way

All I could do was cry

It’s a shame still

Some people act this way today


Every time that we come to this

(I) realize we were doomed to miss

Once again to my own dismay

I had chosen again for the wrong way

Frequently it was clear to see

Tho because of what makes me, me

(I) let it go for another day

Even tho… it took me the wrong way


We were close, even tho

What makes me, me… I let it go


(There) (was nothing) wasn’t anything I could do

That could keep up with this issue

There was nothing that I could say

Which wouldn’t be…  taken the wrong way

Looking back it is all too clear

A pity it took so many years

Now the images fade to grey

Knowing many things ended the wrong way