Cakewalk & Kurzweil

This is just a place to make some Cakewalk and Kurzweil support files available to the public...

If you have any files you'd like to see added to this list, please contact me via the email address at the bottom of the page...

Kurzweil K2x00 Owners!


Get KLIB here!

KLIB Manual All in One Zip!

KLIB Manual Cover Page! (Contents)

KLIB Manual 1st Chapter!

KLIB Manual 2nd Chapter!

KLIB Manual 3rd Chapter!

KLIB Manual 4th Chapter!

Courtesy of Eddie Yee, this PC based editor is now FREE to the public (all copyrights are enforced)

Syx2Ins3 - John Mason's Program reads K2x00 sysex patchnames and writes Cakewalk .ins files from it!

Text File for John Mason's Program

Thanks John! For giving this to the public for FREE!(all copyrights are enforced)

Crawler - The K2000 Object Browser for Win 95/Win32 -This program allows you to sniff through your KRZ files with a point and click interface and will crawl through your hard drive and report all KRZ files and the objects within. - Thanks sanj

Crawler - The K2000 Object Browser for Win 95/Win32 - Beta 1.01 - Feb 19, 1997 **** 16 bit update Fixes screen alignment @ 640x480 and should work with Win 3.1 - Thanks sanj

 Cakewalk Users!

Deep Space Records First VST (Trademark of Steinberg) Plugin

Stereo DDL-X
Stereo Delay with Discrete LFO for Left and Right

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Stereo DDL-X

Sonar  Wallpaper

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Sonar X3 Wallpaper 1920x1080 Mini3
Sonar X2 Wallpaper 1920x1080
Sonar X1b Wallpaper Widescreen Mini
Sonar X1b Wallpaper Mini
Sonar X1a Wallpaper Widescreen
Sonar X1 Wallpaper 1920x1080
Sonar X1 Wallpaper
Sonar 853 Wallpaper Widescreen
Sonar 853 Wallpaper
Sonar 852 Wallpaper
Sonar 851 Wallpaper02

Sonar  Splash Screen

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Sonar X1b Splash Mini
Sonar X1a Splash
Sonar X1 Splash

 Studioware Panels

Lionel Dumond's FX Loop Panel(s)

Steve Porter's 24-Track Audio Panel

Keni Fink's Kurzweil KB3 Drawbars

Keni Fink's Kurzweil K2B3 Drawbars

Ilir Bajri's Excellent Floating Toolbar

John's Alesis QSR Panel

 .cal Files

Documented (brief) Collection of .cal files

Text File List of Included .cal Files

Thanks to tOm - a K2000 Mail List Member!

Converts GM drum map to Krz - Many thanks to Ron Newman

 Cakewalk Utility Programs

CWAFTool - The latest (3.3) version- Fully Sonar Compatible!

Many Thanks to Jamie O'Connell's for this UNsupported Freeware A pair of .bat files that Searches your Cakewalk master.ins file for a "string"

Thanks to Donald Crampton M.D. for this clever, handy little file! An excellent util for creating ins files"

Many Thanks to John Bair for this new tool to make your work easier!