The Lyrical Mind

The Lyrical Mind

Out Of My Mind

01. A Great Sadness

02. Counting On It (Still Dreaming)

03.Out Of My Mind

05. Wrong Way (Come Again?)

07. To Be Human

08. I Wish (You Wanted Me)

10. We Gotta Live Together

11. Maybe Tonight (Change To A Better Plan)

12. Stars Into Dust

13. Backlash

14. Waiting For Tomorrow

16. All Who Follow

Coming Soon - The Has Been Who Never Was

01. You Make Me Crazy

02. Legal Eyes

03.Another One Is Comin

05. Livin On Borrowed Time

06. RPAI

08. The Has Been Who Never Was

09. A Hard Thing To Do

10. All I Want Is You

12. Way I Say I

13. Another New Year

14. Relationships

16. Foolish Things